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Here’s a quick and simple DIY spring/Easter wreath made using found objects and Dollar Tree flowers.

I like the Scandinavian look – it’s simple and fuss-free. In this DIY I tried to achieve the modern vibe by keeping the color palette and design simple. I spent $3 on this wreath and the rest are from my craft stash.


  • 3 bunches of fake plants – I used Geranium + Cat Tails
  • cotton twine
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • floral wire
  • a branch found from my backyard


  • Tie the string on each end of the branch of your desired length
  • Separate the flowers from the branch
  • Play with the arrangement until satisfied
  • Use the glue gun and floral wire to attach to the branch

Really simple right? Anything goes.

dollar tree spring easter wreath


  • Keep it simple – go for monochrome or 2-3 colors max.
  • Pick flowers that you love.
  • Be sure to check how your branch hangs so that you can glue the flowers properly. I tested mine before hot gluing everything. The branch rolled forward the first try.
  • Create a wreath that will last beyond the spring season.

I wanted a wreath that will last until the end of the summer because I don’t want to keep changing it. I always try to incorporate minimalism philosophies in all aspect of my life and decorating is no exception.

Here are some similar items I found on the Dollar Tree website. You can have your order shipped to the Dollar Tree store near you for free.

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