Couponing Language – Abbreviations and Definitions

couponing language

Abbreviations and codes are cool but you’ll be an even cooler couponer if you know the couponing lingo (ha! half-kidding!).

For reals though, you’ll encounter couponing terminology everywhere in the coupon community – in the forums, Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know every single one of them and in time you’ll know all of those acronyms especially if you hang out in these communities long enough. Read More

How to Coupon: A Simple 5-Step Guide

How to Coupon: A 5-Step Quick Guide

Couponing can be overwhelming and, quite frankly, a little bit scary.

I promise that it isn’t difficult to do but you’ll need to do some work.

I hope that this guide will hold your hand while you start your couponing adventure!

So, are you ready?

Here’s a simple 5-step guide on how to coupon to get you started. Read More

How I Organize My Coupons in 5 Minutes (Or Less!)

how i organize my coupons in 5 minutes

I hate clipping coupons. I know, it’s ironic because I’m a couponer.

I used the binder method when I started couponing. Clipping and organizing my coupons using baseball card protectors took about 2-3 hours! OMG! I hated couponing after that. There were coupons everywhere!

I literally ignored the coupon mess for a month! Read More

How to Organize Coupons

how to organize coupons

Organization is key to successful couponing.

Back-to-school season is the best time to buy supplies. However, you can still find great deals any time of the year. You can purchase baseball card holders at Michael’s or Joann’s and use their weekly in-ad coupons which are up to 50% off. Their coupons are also available on their respective websites to print or on their apps. Read More

Where to Get Coupons

where to get coupons list

You’ll need coupons if you want to start couponing. Where to get coupons? I’ve compiled different sources for you below:

Paper Coupons

  • BLINKIES – a small machine that spits out coupons at the stores; many are found at the grocery stores
  • TEARPADS – a pad of coupons usually found on products displays, free-standing or on the shelves
  • PEELIES & HANGTAGS – coupons found attached to the products.
Read More

How to Read a Coupon: Anatomy of A Coupon

how to read a coupon

Knowing how to read a coupon is an essential part of couponing. So, here’s a simple breakdown that will help you identify the basics.


This indicates whether the coupon is manufacturer’s coupon or a store coupon. Sometimes it says it’s a manufacturer’s coupon but there’s no redeeming instruction (see #8) – that means it’s a store coupon. Read More

Why You Should Coupon

why you should coupon

Starting anything in life is the hardest.

Couponing is no exception. It has a negative connotation to some people. It’s embarrassing. Only poor people use coupons. Yeh, I’ve gotten those looks from employees and other customers, 😆 . To top it all off, the popular extreme couponing show made people’s perception about couponing even worst. Read More

CVS Pharmacy Coupon Policy (updated 8/1/16)

CVS Pharmacy Coupon Policy (updated 8/1/16)

CVS Pharmacy coupons (ExtraCare® coupons and other store-issued coupons), ExtraBucks® Rewards and third-party manufacturer’s (mfr.) coupons are accepted in our retail stores in accordance with the following guidelines and as required by state and local laws. CVS Pharmacy reserves the right to change this policy at any time without advance notice or advertisement. Read More