Couponing Tip: Don’t chase!

There will be all kinds of AMAZING (dirt cheap) deals to be had when you begin couponing. You will be tempted to hoard every single one but DO NOT give in. You don’t have to chase every single deal, every week, from every store because:

  1. There are sale cycles and that free toothpaste deal will be back very, very soon.
  2. You will waste time and gas and that won’t be saving.
  3. You will buy things you don’t need/use/donate which is a waste and, again waste of gas, time and money.
  4. It can be overwhelming and eventually burn you out.

I personally experience these when I started.

Try to establish a couponing budget. It will prevent you from buying unnecessary items and chasing every single deal.

I hope you keep this in mind when you begin your couponing adventure. Once you build your stockpile, you won’t really have to go couponing as much.


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