don't compare yourself to others

This pretty much applies to every aspect of our lives.  But first:

However, in the couponing world:

Different households have different needs. Just because your coupon buddy has a dedicated stockpile room doesn’t mean you should have the same. Sure, it looks awesome but always ask yourself if it’s really necessary for YOUR household.

I’ve coveted a dedicated stockpile + couponing room. But I realized, it wasn’t necessary for my household + lifestyle. I don’t want to become an extreme couponer and I don’t want to spend a lot of time couponing. In addition, having lots of stuff is overwhelming for me. I’d just stress or burn myself out trying to keep up with the Joneses.

You’ll eventually become aware of how many bottles of shampoo (or whatever it may be) your household really consumes in a period of time.

This is something I need to remind myself from time to time. I hope you keep this in mind, too.


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