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7 Reasons to Sign Up for a Target REDcard

If you’re searching to see if getting a Target REDcard is worth it, read on!

I was checking out the clearance section several years ago and I came across a pair of sandals on clearance for $5, regularly $19.99!

I immediately chose my shoe size, added to my cart and clicked on the checkout button.

It turned out that there was a $50 minimum purchase to get free shipping or completely free with no minimum if I use a Target REDcard. (Note: Back then the minimum free shipping threshold was $50, it’s like $25-$35 now).

“Well, F that! I don’t need a Target card.” I thought to myself.

Fast forward a couple of months later, I signed up for the Target REDcard (the credit card version).

Mind you, the sandals were no longer available online. But I signed up for future deals, you know just in case.

The type B personality in me had to think it through before signing up, of course. I found that there are several perks that come with having a Target REDcard.

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target redcard pros and cons

7 Reasons to Sign Up for a Target REDcard

  1. 5% off every day in-store and online (this is especially awesome combined with coupons, Target Circle discounts, weekly sales, and gift card deals), this includes Starbucks located in Target stores! Yasss!
  2.  Free shipping at and free 2-day shipping on eligible items.
  3. Get 30 extra days for returns
  4. Early access to select products and promos like early access to Black Friday deals!
  5. Up to $40 cashback at checkout with Target Debit Card
  6. Exclusive REDcard member discounts and coupons – access exclusive coupons online via Manage My REDcard or coupons are sent with monthly statement
  7. No annual fee
target three offers

Click here to sign-up online. Choose between a Target DEBIT card (linked to your bank account) or a Target CREDIT card. The application process for debit and credit has immediate approval. However, some debit applications may require a few days to confirm a bank account.

Click Here to Sign Up Now!

Sign Up In-Store

You can also apply at any Target store during checkout or at customer service. Just bring a blank bank check if you want to apply for the debit card.

I recommend applying at the customer service area so you won’t hold up the line at checkout. #justsaying

Call me paranoid but I don’t like the idea of linking my bank account with Target debit card! If you feel the same, choose the credit card version.

TIP Just remember to pay off your balance at the end of each month, though. Otherwise, that extra 5% discount is worthless.

3 Reasons a Target RedCard is NOT for You

  1. If you prefer paying with cash
  2. If you tend to spend more with credit cards and you don’t pay off your balance at the end of the end then the 5% you’re saving is not worth it because the APR is higher than other credit cards
  3. If you’re avoiding shopping altogether and you don’t really shop at Target that often

If any of those 3 above are true for you please do not sign up for a Target RedCard.

Final Notes – Is Target REDCard really worth it?

I love having the Target RedCard.

So far I’ve experienced awesome customer service both online and on the phone.

Online and store returns are painless even without a receipt; they can look it up using your card.

Be sure to check out more details about the the Target Redcard here!


xx, Glenda

PS. I found the sandals at my Target store several days later on clearance! ^.^ Happy endings are the best!

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