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How to Simplify Decor and Enjoy the Holiday Season More

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How I Simplified My Holiday Decor in 2018

We love Christmas – the vibe, the feels, the joy…but let’s be real, it can get stressful!

So, this year I opted for simple decor to bring on the holiday cheer.

The last 3 months of the year can get very expensive – especially Christmas!

And to add that expense is holiday decor.

The pretty ones usually cost an arm and a leg!

So, here are some ideas I’ve used to make our home festive without the stress and breaking the bank.

How to Simplify Your Holiday Decor

How I Simplified My Holiday Decor in 2018

1. Work with what you have

As much as I wanted to have a fresh wreath, I used this wreath instead (which was on our mantle last year) for the front door. Try to place your decor pieces in different places.

How I Simplified Holiday Decor 2018

2. Opt for Simple DIY

I love to create but DIY can be grueling, so do the 5-10 minute crafts.

I DIY-ed a simple wreath:

  • use green crafting wire to create the round base of the wreath
  • take a garland from Dollar Tree and wrap around the wire
  • use hot glue to attach a grosgrain ribbon on the bottom of the wreath
  • tie it on the window using fishing line to create a floating effect

While I liked the minimal look of the wreaths, I think I’ll try to create a fuller one for next year like this one.

How I Simplified Holiday Decor 2018
How I Simplified Holiday Decor 2018 mantle

3. Be Okay with Imperfection

I kept our mantle simple with a few bottle brush trees, a ceramic Santa’s workshop, and stocking holders.  And I really wanted to write something on that framed kraft paper but who am I kidding #aintgotnotimeforthat.

Do you see that mini house on a paper plate? That’s my son’s gingerbread house he made at school. He’s proud of his work!

  • flea market finds brass candle holders $1 each
  • ceramic Santa’s workshop clearance find from Michaels $2
  • bottle brush trees – 99 Cents Store
  • frame – Ikea from the AS IS section $10? – it was cheap
  • fa la la la banner Target Oh Joy!
  • sweater stockings – Michaels 50% off

This mantle decor isn’t Pinterest-worthy for sure and I’m okay with that. I put fairy lights to make it magical at night and my kids love it – that’s all that matters.

simple christmas decor in the family room Christmas tree ornaments

4. Less is More

Try putting fewer ornaments on your tree and fewer decorations throughout your home.

I use sentimental ones my kids made at school, cute ones that make my heart happy and the ones my kids picked from Target from previous years. I try to create a special tree with everyone involved. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

I sprinkled bottle brush trees throughout my home – on the coffee table, tv console, side table to name a few. They look great clustered together and easy to set up. My kids like to create a mini village on the coffee table with them.

How I Simplified Holiday Decor 2018 Christmas soy candle

5. Use Fresh Evergreen

Simplify your vase displays by using fresh evergreen stems instead of flowers. They last longer and are inexpensive. I wish I had a eucalyptus or pine tree in my backyard. Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s I can purchase a bunch of eucalyptus stems for $3. You can also preserve them so they last even longer.

But if you can’t use/find fresh evergreen stems and still want the holiday scents in your home, opt for a candle. No shame in that!

  • Holiday Spruce Soy candle I scored from Target Christmas clearance last year for $1!

I also bring out Christmas children’s books I’ve collected over the years in the family room. My kids and I like to read them cozied up in a warm throw and sipping on hot cocoa!

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