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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020 (Gifts She’ll Actually Want)

Don’t know what kind of gifts Moms want for Mother’s Day?

Well, I got you, friend.

This Mother’s Day gift guide has a lot of ideas for you!

Plus I included extra information to help you decide which is best for the mom (or moms) in your life!

I even have gift ideas for moms who don’t want anything. 

But truth be told they do and I know what those are because I’m one of those moms!

Remember that being thoughtful is key and if you can add a handmade card, even better!

#23 is THE MOST REQUESTED among mothers! 

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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts She’ll Actually Want!

1. Bathrobes

Humans are creatures of comfort.

Moms are even more!

So, why not give her that.

While there are many types of materials for bathrobes, cotton terry and cotton waffle are popular in spas and hotels.

It’s important to choose an easy-care bathrobe because she won’t have time to take it to the cleaners or worst, HAND WASH AND AIR DRY!

Check Out These Best Selling Robes:

Bonus: Add a pair of cozy home slippers like these:

2. Pajamas

Oversized shirt (probably her husband’s) with holes and a splatter of paint paired with ill-fitting joggers topped with spit or food.

Can you picture that? I’ve been there.

It’s a typical mom uniform who hasn’t showered in a week.

They don’t have time or energy to care about it!

Get her a cute set of PJs so at least she’ll look a little nice…and clean.

Things to consider:

  • Floral, neutral, print? – get neutral when in doubt
  • Shorts or pants or dress
  • Tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves?
  • Material – easy care and soft materials
  • Weather – don’t get her summer pjs in the winter please

Here Are Some Popular Pajamas:

3. Workout Outfit

Comfort, comfort, comfort, and versatility!

Moms love to wear yoga pants or leggings.

They use them for both lounging and sometimes actually working out. #truth

Here are some options:

Fabletics High-Waisted Solid Powerhoold Leggings 7/8 – 2 for $24

This pair of leggings have great reviews. I don’t like my leggings moving around when working out. According to some reviews, this pair DOES NOT MOVE at all.

Note: Fabletics is a subscription, however, you may cancel it as soon as you receive your first order. 

Here are other best selling options!

4. Signature Scent

Moms have a signature, natural scent.

My mom does and my kids tell me that I do as well. They call it the “mom scent.”

This doesn’t mean we don’t like perfumes, though.

But perfumes are very personal.

Here are two ways you can gift perfumes for mom that she’ll actually use:

I’ve gifted perfumes this way so I know it works!

You can purchase the perfume sample sets at Sephora. It includes a vial of different perfumes and a voucher she can exchange for a full-size product of her choice from the set.

Shop the Perfume Sample Sets Below:

Shop Popular and Best-selling Perfumes:

5. Flowers

For the flower-loving mothers out there – but be sure she IS a flower-loving mother.

Give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. 

If she doesn’t have one in particular, why not get her a bouquet of flowers in her favorite color!

Be sure to add a handmade card, her favorite photo of the family in a frame, or a sweet note telling she’s freakin AWESOME and the BEST mother in the whole wide world!

5. Gift Cards

Okay, don’t frown on this idea just yet.

Moms aren’t always willing to spend money on themselves.

But gift cards give them the green light because it won’t take away from the household budget.

Figure out her favorite place to shop or eat and get a gift card from that place!

Here are a few places that most mothers love to frequent.

  • Target
  • Amazon – you can buy gift cards from other retailers too (see below) and send it via text, email or mail!
    • Starbucks or her favorite cafe
    • Sephora
    • Ulta
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Nordstrom
    • and more!

Pro Tip:  Get discounted gift cards. New Customers! Save $5 off your first order of $25+ when you purchase already discounted gift cards at Raise! Code NEW5RAISEAF

6. Books, Audible, Kindle

She doesn’t have to be a bookworm to want books for Mother’s Day.

She might want a coffee table book or magazine.

At any rate, here are some popular ones:

I personally LOVE Audible because I can listen while doing chores. I also love Kindle books because I don’t have to manage the physical books in my home.

You won’t need an actual Kindle to read the book – just download the app! 

7. Vacuums

Moms seriously get excited over vacuums.

A powerful vacuum that practically does the cleaning for them is pee-in-the-pants amazing!

You’ll need to consider whether she has carpet, tile or wood floor or if she has a pet.

So, does your mom need an upgrade?

If so, here are a few highly-rated suggestions to help you:

Dyson Cyclone V10 – is wireless, lightweight and the battery lasts up to 60 minutes in the lowest setting. Here’s an honest, thorough review.

NOTE: Be careful about choosing Dyson vacuums, though, because they’re not usually good to use on a high pile, plush carpet including the caress line (super soft carpet line).

Hoover React is highly-rated on Amazon and more budget-friendly than Dyson. This reviewer addressed most, if not all, concerns posted in the reviews.

What’s the coolest vacuum evaaaa!? Robot vacuums!

She will for sure pee in her pants if she receives one. I know I will!

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum  is self-charging and great for both carpets and hardwood floors. It has 8500 ratings with 4.5 stars!  

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac is highly-rated with over 14,500 ratings and 4.5 stars. It’s way cheaper than the Roomba. This reviewer recommends it over Roomba!

8. Electric Mop

The kitchen needs a lot of mopping because it’s a high-traffic area. 

Plus, steam mopping helps eliminate odors and bacteria. 

However, the same as the vacuum, consider the type of floor your mom has and whether it’s okay to use an electric mop on it.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner is the most budget-friendly steam mop and it’s the best-seller on Amazon. This one reviewer said you can throw your Swiffer away!

Bissell Spinwave Mop (not a steam mop) is great for hardwood floors. It’s also highly recommended by moms with small children. This mom reviewer with toddlers wrote a rave review. She loves that unlike a steam mop, she doesn’t have to wait until the water heats up to start cleaning. 

I received this mop for my birthday and I love it! It saves so much time and effort! And the mop pads are washable!

10. Electric Kettle

Most moms are either coffee or tea drinker. 

So, giving her an awesome electric kettle only makes sense, right?

That is, of course, if she doesn’t already have one.

Here are some options that fit different budgets:

Secura Stainless Steel electric kettle is highly-rated on Amazon. It has100%, seamless stainless steel inner bowl – no plastic is touching your hot water. Compared to other sleek-looking electric kettles, the price of this kettle is awesome.

Bodum Electric Kettle – I own this one and I love it! It comes in matte black and silver with the cork detail. It’s the most budget-friendly with a modern design I’ve found.

Fellow Corvo EKG electric kettleIf you have the budget and she appreciates minimal sleek design, you might want to check this out.

11. Instant Pot

Instant Pot is all the rage for quite some time now!

It helps save time on cooking and being in the kitchen. 

This is even more helpful for mothers who have little ones and can hardly find time to cook.

The Instant Pot can replace the stove-top pressure cooker and even outperforms the traditional crockpot! It can also be a steamer, yogurt maker, food warmer and rice cooker. 

Amazing right? I know you want one, too.

12. Air Fryer

Perfect for moms who want to be more mindful about her and her family’s fried foods consumption. 

Air Fryers are also safer in the kitchen especially if there are little ones running around.

Cosori Air Fryeris Amazon’s best-selling air fryer. It comes in both 5.8 quarts and 3.7 quarts. This reviewer left a thorough, in-depth review of this product, overall is happy with it, and even praised the design team. 

I have a small air-fryer and I highly recommend getting a bigger size!

13. Hair Dryer

Moms don’t have time to dry their hair – well most moms.

So I found two options:

Aquis Hair Towel – moms can multitask while drying her hair. This hair towel cuts the hair drying time up to 50% and helps reduce frizz and breakage. Be sure to choose her favorite color. 

How about upgrading her hairdryer?

Infinity Pro – It’s both functional and budget-friendly. The ionic technology leaves my hair smooth and frizz-free.

Kristin Ess Hair Dryer – pretty looking hairdryer among other pretty things. Kristin Ess is Lauren Conrad’s hairstylist and came out with her own line at Target. She made luxury hair products and tools more accessible and affordable for all of us!

14. Google Mini

A perfect gift for the mom who wants convenience and not afraid of technology.

We have 2 Google Minis – one for each floor of the house. 

It’s one of those things that help me with my everyday life as a mom. 

Here are ways we use Google Mini in our house:

  • intercom – instead of yelling from downstairs, I can just send a broadcast,
  • connect it to my grocery list to easily add things I need to buy
  • lookup recipe hands-free,
  • play music – you can also use it as a speaker
  • my kids can play games with it,
  • quick reference – dictionary, look up quick information,
  • calculator,
  • use it as a phone – phone call or text and sometimes we call Santa,
  • timer
  • alarm
  • turn off lights, garage door etc.

You can connect it to Chromecast and Thermostat Nest and other smart home devices.

You can also buy things online with it.

It comes with 4 different colors.

Click Here to Buy Google Mini!

15. Backpack

Backpacks are becoming more trendy again which means that many companies are releasing more styles!

It’s convenient and much better for your back as opposed to lugging around a huge purse!

As a mom, a backpack is essential for trips or even just going out with kids. 

I can carry many things and still be hands-free.

Things to consider:

  • Does she like sleek and minimal? 
  • Does she like girly designs? 
  • Does she favor more neutral colors?

You can never go wrong with black especially if she has little ones.

Here are some options you might want to check out.

16. Plants

Being a plant lady is the new cat lady. It’s a thing!

If you have a plant mom in your life, assess her current collection to avoid buying plants she already owns!

Here are some popular, easy to care plants she might have in her wish list:

  • rubber plant (there’s also a variegated variety)
  • snake plant (there’s also a variegated variety)
  • fiddle fig leaf
  • aloe
  • bird of paradise

Places to find:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Local grocery store

Bonus: Pair it with a cute watering can!

17. Gardening Supplies

Speaking of plant ladies, some moms love to garden!

This is different than being a plant lady. 

A gardener mom would likely want gardening supplies like seeds, soil, tools or plant pots. 

As always, do a mini-investigation of what she might want for her garden.

If she’s a beginner, you might want to check out this gardening tools set:

Check them out below:

18. Clean House

One of most awesome Mother’s Day gifts ever (or any occasion mom gift) – A CLEAN HOUSE!

Whether you’re going to hire someone to do the job or do it yourself, she will love this gift for sure!

Do it yourself – I suggest you do a little bit at a time and finish cleaning the main living areas the night before Mother’s Day. This way, she’ll wake up with a clean home!

Pro Tip – Buy ready-to-bake cinnamon buns and pop them in the oven BEFORE she wakes up. Serve it with her coffee or tea. So that not only will she wake up to a clean house, she’ll also wake up to a nice smelling one. 

19. No cooking

Moms are ALWAYS cooking whether she loves it or not.

Someone is always requesting for something yummy to eat.

While moms love to feed her family, she’d also love to take a break once in a while.

So, gift mom which will allow her to take a break for the day from being everyone’s favorite chef.  

You have these options:

  • Dine out
  • Order take out
  • Cook it yourself
  • or mix and match

Pro Tip: Keep the meals simple! The point is to not have her cook for the whole day! I’m sure she’ll be so happy to have a day off.

20. Mani/Pedi

gift for mom manicure white gel nails hand holding coach sunglasses against blue jeans

I don’t always get my nails done but when I do I take a picture!

And I’m sure many moms would love it, too!

Moms are always using their hands.

So treat her for a mani/pedi with the massage package.

Don’t forget to include the massage and treatment – it’s the best thing ever!

Be sure to get gel nails so that she’ll enjoy her pretty nails longer.

BONUS (add on or by itself): Give her a hand lotion, here are options:

21. Haircut and/or Hair Color

Sometimes moms are so busy taking care of the family that they forget about themselves.

Getting a haircut is not urgent, therefore gets put in the back burner and forgotten. 

So, treat her to a haircut and/or hair color session at the salon.

My sister usually does this for me with the mani/pedi despite my reluctance to go. 

She makes the appointment and we go to the salon after we drop the kids off to school.

22. Massage/Spa

Massage. The End.

I can’t really say anything else about this.

If you’re willing to watch the babes for a couple of hours and if she’s willing to get a massage, do it!

She’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

Book one at a spa with a pretty and relaxing atmosphere. 

Not the ones in the mall where you sit and someone will massage you.

No. Please not those!

23. Sleep


I’m talking about peaceful, undisturbed slumber.

The kind of sleep where no one will call out “Mommy!” in the middle of my dream.

The kind of sleep where I’ll think nothing but sleep. 

Yeh, that one!

There are many ways to approach this but here are 2 ideas:

  • Book a nearby hotel room for her by herself – bonus if there’s a spa/massage place.
  • Take care of everything in the house where she does nothing all day but nap and sleep. Don’t let the children bother her!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moms Final Notes

These ideas are appropriate for ANY occasion – not just for Mothers’ Day!

I hope that you found this Mother’s Day gift guide helpful.

Again it’s the thought that counts.

A simple greeting and a warm hug will surely make her day…on any day!

Good luck!

xx, Glenda

Over to you!

Did I forget anything? What is your go-to gift for your mom? Let me know in the comments!

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