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Why You Should Coupon (Is It Worth It?)

Starting anything in life is the hardest.

Couponing is no exception. It has a negative connotation to some people. It’s embarrassing. Only poor people use coupons. Yeh, I’ve gotten those looks from employees and other customers, 😆 . To top it all off, the popular extreme couponing show made people’s perception about couponing even worst.

I don’t really let what others think about couponing affect me. The main issue here is – is it worth my/your time?

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Is couponing really worth the time and effort? Does it really save money? Here's are some things to consider and how to make it worth it!

3 things to consider if you want to start couponing.


  • SUNDAY NEWSPAPER – for inserts
  • PAPER & INK – for printable coupons
  • GAS – unless you bike or walk
  • OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE – free is great but you still need to pay tax


  • SHOPPING TRIP PREPARATION – create your shopping plan


  • STOCKPILING – The idea is you purchase items at a rock-bottom price in large quantities. But if you don’t plan to be an extreme couponer, this won’t be an issue.

Couponing is NOT a waste of time!

I’ve read several articles online claiming that it’s all a waste of time. Lies, all lies! Just kidding (sort of). While those articles have valid points against couponing, they failed to consider that there are other methods to make couponing worthwhile.

For me, time is money. So, if I’m spending more than 1 hour a week on couponing (prepping + shopping time) then I’m NOT saving.

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It’s not rocket science.

It’s not even algebra. It’s just plain addition and subtraction. Multiplication is optional. Promise.

You’ll actually save money!

My husband goes through Aveeno moisturizing face lotion and foaming face wash fairly quickly. So instead of paying $28.41 for 1 lotion and 2 face wash at Walmart, I shop at CVS. I can get them for really cheap after combining coupons and weekly promo.

Here’s one of my CVS Aveeno trip where I paid $14.87 out of pocket but got back $15 in store rewards – link! I’ve done a shopping trip with even lower out of pocket!

aveeno cvs haulCVS couponing trip week 11/6 - 11/2

You don’t have to be an extreme couponer.

I’ve never been an extreme couponer. I mostly coupon for toiletries and household. Having too much stuff is overwhelming for me. You don’t have to dumpster dive or ask your neighbors for their coupons (nothing wrong with this, you do you!) You won’t even need a caravan shopping cart full of stuff at check out. You can be a casual couponer, too, and still be able to build a stockpile.

Here’s another of my Aveeno haul I posted on Instagram.

You get to try new products!

There’s almost always a coupon or rewards deal on new products that hit the market! Therefore, you can try for really cheap!


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Plus, you’ll be able to score things for really cheap all the time. So, why not try a few and you might discover new favorites.

Ever since I started couponing, I’ve found new product favorites of which I don’t normally buy at full price.

I will, now, gladly pay full price for these but I don’t:

In the end, you can tailor couponing base on your needs and schedule. Be a casual couponer or an extreme couponer. It all depends on you. Just give it a try.

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